Who Is
Kevin Craig

10 second version | 10 minute version | 10 day version | 10 year version

The "10 minute version" contains all the biographical material I care to type out.

It contains the story of how I became enthralled with the "Vine & Fig Tree" worldview.

Now my desire is to get the entire world enthralled.

How do I entice and persuade a billion people to go through the same journey I went through, to question social dogmas like evolution and the military-industrial complex, to become an enemy of institutionalized violence and a force for "Liberty Under God?" Searching for this answer and implementing this answer is who I am.

My current best-guess is to lure the unwary into a home-study program by wagering $1,000 that I can persuade them to join my movement to abolish the Constitution and Government of the United States and make America a Christian Theocracy again (only better). I call this approach the "Anarchist Bible Bet."

On that page (someday) or down below on this page (wishful thinking) is a form that you can enter in your name and email address to subscribe to a 10-day introduction to the "Vine & Fig Tree" worldview and our home study-program. Each day for 10 days you'll receive an email with a link to an introduction to the program. Each page can be read in about 15 minutes.

If you were to rate the chances that I could convince you to become a Christian anarchist on a scale of 1-10, "1" being "never" and "10" being "I'm ready to sign up!," you might rate the chances pretty low -- say about -2. If you read those 10 once-a-day lessons, you'll surprise yourself and rate the chances above 5.

10 second version | 10 minute version | 10 day version | 10 year version